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Enjoy a Wild Florida airboat ride into the Headwaters of the Everglades
Tour Prices and Differences

Airboat Tour Package Differences

We offer you a lot of airboat tour choices to experience the wild and untamed Florida. From our quick and very exciting 60-minute airboat tour up to our in depth and thrilling 4-hour tour that takes you deeper and further into the Central Florida Swamps.

Many people ask… “what are the differences in the your tours, and what will I see while I’m out there in the marsh?”  I would be happy to give you some insight of what those differences are between each tour. ~Christina

1-Hour Swamp Tour:   $49.95 Adult , $44.95 Child Think of it as an introduction to the marsh.  This tour length gets you just a piece of what we see out in the swamp.  Like pulling the curtains open in a window.  It’s brief but also fun, there is nothing like the wind in your hair.

90-Min Gator Exploration:  $65.00 Adult,  $60.00 Child     This tour is an extension of the 1-hour tour and takes you deeper through traiils of cattails where you will see more, and gain a greater understanding of the marsh, the habitat, and the varied wildlife.  The deeper into the marsh you go the more you will see.  We often time see the larger gators as well as nesting females depending on the time of the year.  It’s exciting, engaging and educational.

2-Hour Everglades Intro:  $85.00 Adult, $80.00 Child   This one is meant to give you not only the exciting 90-min tour experience but also a fun ride over open water at a brisk speed with a leisurely visit to Shingle Creek, known as the headwaters of the Everglades.  This beautiful area is like no other.  It takes you back in time with an Old Florida feel.  This creek lined with Cypress Trees and Spanish Moss hanging down is a paradise you won’t see at any theme park. 

4-Hour Islands Adventure:  $165.00 Adult, $155.00 Child The best half day safari in Central Florida taking you on a great escape into the natural places of Florida.  An experience for the extreme nature buff and photographer.  This tour will take you through the wonders on the marsh, then over to Shingle Creek after which you will have a stopover at Makinson Island once inhabited by the Seminole Indians. During your visit there you may bring and enjoy a picnic lunch under a covered pavilion.  Explore the natural beauty of this primitive Island as you take a leisurely walk through one of the hiking trails.  This is a must do for the outdoorsmen, photographer and nature seeker.


We except cash and all major credit cards ($4.69 credit card fee)

Hope this helps give you a little more information regarding our tours.  Call us anytime to book your adventure.



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